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If you’re working over the school holidays or want to treat your child to some extra fun, be assured that the Holiday Care we offer is the best service going around. We line up an amazing variety of excursions and incursions to choose from, engineered to make the holidays fun and memorable!

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We are committed to providing 5 star care, programming and resources for your children!

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We're big on fun! We're all big kids at heart and having fun is one of Big Childcare's core values.

Autumn Holidays 2024

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About Our Holiday Care Programs

What to expect when your child attends Holiday Care

Our activities are based on the current framework for primary aged children called ‘My Time, Our Place’ which encourages our managers to plan experiences around the individual needs and interests of each child.

Our activities involve craft, cooking, sport activities, indoor/outdoor play, community engaged visits and much more.

We strive to develop the social and emotional capacity and lifelong skills in children, that will give them an advantage amongst their peers.

Our Programs

What's On Offer These School Holidays!

We offer holiday care programs that are fun and engaging all across Australia! Our programs are tailored to the interests of your children and are sure to bring them all the fun they deserve these school holidays. 

Home Base

Welcome to our Home Base! Located at the heart of our centre, this is where all the fun begins. Our dedicated team has curated an exciting lineup of activities designed to ensure your child's safety, learning, and enjoyment. From arts and crafts to sports and interactive games, our programs are filled with engaging experiences that spark curiosity and encourage growth. Rest assured, we prioritise the safety and well-being of every child, providing a nurturing environment where they can thrive. Join us at Home Base for unforgettable fun, safety, and learning moments!



Get ready for an adventure beyond the walls of our centre! Our On-Tour program brings the fun on the road, taking your child to exciting destinations such as local museums, parks, and attractions. Each field trip is carefully designed to combine fun, exploration, and educational experiences. Led by our experienced staff, your child will have the opportunity to learn about history, science, and nature, while also making new friends and creating lasting memories. Join us on our thrilling On-Tour excursions, where learning and fun go hand in hand!

Super Base

Welcome to our Super Base, where we take everything we offer at Home Base and elevate it to a whole new level! Prepare for an extraordinary experience that will leave your child amazed. In addition to our exciting lineup of activities, we go above and beyond to bring the world to your child's doorstep. Imagine having the zoo come to you with interactive animal encounters, live shows that transport your child into a world of wonder, and private movie screenings that make them feel like a VIP. Our goal is to create magical moments and unforgettable memories for your child. Join us at Super Base, where the extraordinary becomes a reality!

Super On-Tour

Get ready for an extraordinary experience that takes everything we offer on our regular On-Tour program and amplifies it to a whole new level! Introducing Super On-Tour, a special and exceptional event that our kids won't want to miss if the opportunity arises. When our kids crave just a little bit more from their on-the-go adventures, we go the extra mile to deliver an unforgettable excursion. While Super On-Tour experiences may be rare, they are truly exceptional and create lifelong memories. Don't miss out on the chance to join us for a Super On-Tour adventure!

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What our parents say about us

To prove the value of what we have to offer to you and your children, why not let your happy parents do the talking?

I have been so happy with the care given to my daughter at Big Childcare Tarneit Rise. Whenever I pick her up, she is always so engaged in an activity and even gets upset if I pick her up too early. I was worried at the beginning of the year, as she is little and I knew the days would be long, but Parul, Poonam, Jostyna, Doris and many of the other staff have made the transition so easy and exciting for her. She just loves it!


Tarneit Rise Parent

We have recently joined the Big Childcare family and the kids are loving it! Maddie is wonderful and has made each of them feel welcome and safe, so much so they are asking to go even when they don't need to. Thanks Maddie and the team at Holy Trinity for providing such a caring and engaging space!


Holy Trinity Parent

Amazing place and educators. The fact the our daughter is more than happy to run away from us when dropping her off and sad to leave the centre towards the end of the day says a lot abt the place.


Donnybrook Parent

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Big Talent Show


Do you have a special talent or skill? Today is all about celebrating what makes each of us special, whether you want to share with friends or cheer on your mates, the stage is set for our in house talent show!




Pirates & Mermaids


Arrgh mateys! It’s a ship Sailin’ Swashbuckling day, we’ll be taking to the seven seas with Pirate and Mermaid themed activities, crafts and games that any land lubber would enjoy. We’ll see you on deck or under the Sea!






All aboard the bus, we’re off to Funtopia, Melbourne’s biggest indoor play centre! Explore the interactive climbing walls, play in the multi storey adventure playground, or brave the giant slide for some serious BIG fun!




Indigenous Art Class


Today we are lucky enough to take part in a local indigenous art class. Learn about one of the oldest forms of art on the planet straight from the original custodians of this land.




Mad About Science


Join us for this amazing science workshop incursion. In this introductory session you will learn about magnets, electricity, chemistry, forces, light, colour and mini beasts too. By the end you’re sure to be mad about science!